Mare Services

Mare Services


Breeding by an experienced team of professionals is indicative of the results Lindwood Farm strives for and achieves. Our facility offers many high quality amenities, roomy stalls and well ventilated stables along with spacious pastures to insure that our guests have ample room to exercise and graze. Lindwood Farm welcomes mares for short term reproductive stays, as well as complete year round care from breeding to foaling. Your mare is our most important consideration.

Contact us today to check availability and to schedule your mare’s repo care.

Artificial Insemination:

Lindwood Farm welcomes mares of all breeds to our breeding program, whether you’re breeding to a Lindwood Farm stallion or to stallions standing at other farms.

Frozen Semen:

Lindwood Farm welcomes mares to be bred by frozen semen from all breeds of stallions worldwide. Mares being bred by frozen semen can be managed round the clock and bred by deep horn insemination at their most optimal time.

Embryo Transfer:

Lindwood Farm can manage and breed your donor mare in preparation for embryo transfer done by a veterinarian specialist.


Lindwood Farm’s foaling program and facility was designed with the mare’s comfort and security in mind.

  • Experienced foaling personnel reside in foaling facility for quick response
  • Large spacious foaling stalls
  • Rubber flooring & automatic waterers in each foaling stall
  • Cameras for 24-hr monitoring
  • Foalert monitoring system for immediate notification
  • Colostrum testing for quality and effectiveness, foals compatibility and future storage bank
  • Emergency oxygen, if needed
  • Heated treatment/exam room

Non-resident mares are welcome to experience Lindwood Farm’s foaling facility and care but must meet our vaccination/health requirements. Mares need to arrive several weeks prior to their due date to allow for a quarantine period prior to being moved to our foaling facility.