2021 Foals at Lindwood Farm

Foaling Date Name Sex Sire Dam Owner  
2/2/2021 Better Said 21 Filly Captain Crunch Better Said Lindwood Farm/Rojan Stables
2/10/2021 All Heart Gal 21 Colt Sweet Lou All Heart Gal Santiago & Angela Porfilio
2/10/2021 Do Your Job 21 Filly Huntsville Do Your Job Lindwood Farm/Tom Fanning
2/18/2021 She's Dangerous 21 Filly Captain Crunch She's Dangerous Lindwood Farm
2/26/2021 Hawaiianphotograph 21 Colt Bar Hopping Hawaiianphotograph Shanamphilaniklou, Inc
3/1/2021 Pebbles 21 Filly PF Premo Pebbles Dale White
3/2/2021 Firsfilisinsmillie 21 Filly Better Caviar Firsfilisinsmillie Jim McGettigan
Pump My Ride 21 Filly Stay Hungry Pump My Ride Howard Alexander
3/29/2021 Sheer Delight 21 Filly Better Caviar Sheer Delight David Wade
3/31/2021 Pictures Of Millie 21 Colt Better Caviar Pictures Of Millie Jim McGettigan
4/22/2021 Majestic Diva 21 Colt Deweycheatumnhowe Majestic Diva Theresa Martino
4/25/2021 Thou Shall Dance 21 Filly Always B Miki Thou Shall Dance Lindwood Farm/Tom Fanning
4/29/2021 Abby 21 Colt Mets Hall Abby Robert Slowey
4/30/2021 Pretty Proud 21 Colt Always B Miki Pretty Proud Rich Gillock/Barbara Richardson
5/12/2021 Amelia 21 Colt Better Caviar Amelia Rich Gillock/Barbara Richardson
5/12/2021 Kwik Dial 21 Filly Well Said Well Said Lindwood Farm
5/14/2021 Mapleside Magic Memento 21 Colt Farnley Triton Mapleside Magic Memento Amy Chilcote
5/15/2021 Stirling Diva 21 Filly Cantab Hall Stirling Diva Thomas Mattingly